My name’s Rosana Laiz and I’m a Spanish architect, interested in design, watercolor and oil painting, interiors, 3D rendering, handmade jewels and all things pretty. I’m a foodie and I love cooking for friends and family. Oh, and I am definitively a crazy cat lady.

I live in León, but I’m originally from a tiny village called Los Barrios de Gordón. 

All of my life I’ve been drawing. When I was little my favorite thing to draw where medieval princesses with cone-shaped hats.

When I was a teenager the subject changed to fashion sketches (notebooks and notebooks filled with them).

And when I started studiying architecture I drawn mostly buildings and street views. It was fun… but the weather was too cold in winter and too hot in summer for sitting in the ground for 4 hours straight!.

I have great memories of my first year, like sketching classic greek and roman statues using charcoal and pastel pigments.

I’ve always been surrounded by artsy friends and family, which I truly believe that has had a great impact in how I manage the creative process while painting or designing.

My body of work is wide-ranged. For type-based design I’d default to minimalism, although I can also do modern calligraphy. For watercolors I like bold hues and expressive strokes. For maps I love being accurate.

Blursbyai is my passion and full time job since 2013. I sell on blursbyai.shop.com, my Etsy store, Society6, Redbubble, Minted (and more sites) and I also license my artworks.

If you’re interested in working together, please use this contact form.

Thank you for taking a look and enjoy your visit.